Cat-Sitting Excellence – The Dog Days Pet Care Experience

How many times have you looked into your cat’s eyes and wished they could experience the same level of love and attention you provide when you’re not around? That’s where we come in. Dog Days Pet Care is not your ordinary pet care service – we’re specialized in cats.

We offer a service that caters to your cats right in the comfort of their own home. A visit from us is like a visit from a trusted friend. We kick off our service with a meet and greet because we understand the importance of building rapport with your furry friends and understanding their unique needs.

Our daily visits are personalized. We normally do one visit a day but are more than willing to accommodate up to two visits a day if a client requests it. Each visit includes feeding your cats, changing their water, and ensuring they have a clean litter box. We know cats love a good scratch, so that’s a staple in our routine!

Give Dog Days Pet Care a try and let us fill your cat’s day with love, care, and play!