Paws and Reflect: 10 Questions to Determine Your Pet Parent Awesomeness

Being a pet parent is a unique journey filled with wagging tails, furry cuddles, and a lot of love. But what truly makes a pet parent exceptional? Take this quiz to discover if you are on the path to being an awesome pet parent! Spoiler alert: The more tail wags, the better!

1. Do You Know Your Pet’s Favorite Treat?

  • a) Yes, I have a stash of them at all times!
  • b) I think it’s the one with the cute packaging?

2. How Often Do You Schedule Playtime?

  • a) Daily play sessions are a must!
  • b) Playtime? It happens when we’re both free.

3. Have You Ever Thrown a Pet Birthday Party?

  • a) Absolutely, complete with a doggy cake and party hats!
  • b) Birthdays for pets? Isn’t that just for humans?

4. Is Your Camera Roll Mostly Pet Photos?

  • a) My phone storage is 90% pet pics and proud of it!
  • b) I take a photo occasionally, but not obsessively.

5. Have You Researched Pet Nutrition for Their Optimal Health?

  • a) Yes, I carefully select their food based on their needs.
  • b) I buy whatever is on sale at the store.

6. How Do You Handle Vet Visits?

  • a) Regular check-ups are a priority, and I keep track of vaccinations.
  • b) Vet visits only when there’s an issue.

7. Do You Celebrate Pet Holidays?

  • a) Holidays, pet birthdays, and gotcha days are major celebrations!
  • b) Celebrate? Maybe a small treat on their adoption day.

8. Have You Ever Cooked a Homemade Meal for Your Pet?

  • a) Yes, and they loved it!
  • b) Cook for pets? I barely have time to cook for myself.

9. How Well Do You Know Your Pet’s Quirks and Preferences?

  • a) I can write a book about their quirks and preferences.
  • b) I know a few things, but not everything.

10. How Do You Comfort Your Pet During Storms or Fireworks?

  • a) I have a designated safe space and comfort them with soothing words.
  • b) I hope they find a cozy spot on their own.


  • Mostly A’s: Congratulations! You’re an amazing pet parent! Your dedication to your furry friend’s well-being, happiness, and celebrations makes you a true pet-loving superstar.
  • Mostly B’s: You’re doing great, but there’s always room for improvement. Consider incorporating more playtime, learning about their preferences, and embracing the joy of celebrating special moments together.

Remember, being an awesome pet parent is all about the love, attention, and commitment you give to your furry family member. Keep shining in the world of pet parenting! 🐾❤️✨