Side Hustles Don’t Work – Hire Professionals

At Dog Days Pet Care, we believe that your furry friend deserves the best care possible. That’s why we’re concerned about the growing trend of pet owners hiring side hustle pet sitters and dog walkers. While the convenience of quickly booking someone online may seem appealing, it’s not always the safest option for your pet.

Pet Sitters International (PSI) advises pet owners to take the time to select local, professional pet-care businesses to care for their pets. While it’s possible to find a responsible pet lover online, they may not have the proper business license, customized pet-sitter insurance, or pet-care knowledge to handle emergencies. That’s where professional pet-sitting and dog-walking businesses come in.

At Dog Days Pet Care, we’re owned by pet lovers who have obtained the necessary business licenses, carry pet-sitter insurance and bonding customized to our services, pay taxes, pursue pet first aid training and continuing education, and are involved in our local communities.

Our very livelihood depends on offering the absolute best pet care.

Your pet deserves more than just a quick check-in or walk around the block. They deserve a pet sitter or dog walker who can identify potential health issues, recognize signs of anxiety, and alter the path of the walk to avoid potential triggers. As a pet owner, you deserve a pet sitter who becomes a trusted pet advisor and makes the care of your pet and the security of your home a top priority when you’re away.

When searching for a pet sitter or dog walker, PSI advises pet owners to schedule an in-person meeting with any potential pet sitter and ask the right questions. Pet owners can download a free pet-sitter interview checklist from the PSI website, which provides details about the seven important questions pet owners should ask any potential pet sitter.

While side hustle pet sitters and dog walkers may seem like an easy way to earn extra cash, they may soon find themselves in over their heads. Handling the various potential scenarios you may face while caring for a pet is not easy, and without the proper knowledge, training, and insurance coverage, you put the pets, their owners, and yourself in harm’s way.

At Dog Days Pet Care, we believe that your pets are worth more than relying on a side hustle. Our team of pet lovers is dedicated to providing customized care for your pets, including identifying potential health issues and handling emergencies. Contact us today to schedule an in-person meeting and learn more about our services.